1. Parties
a) www.dejardoshop.com, the operator of the website activities…
b) Internet user who is a member of the www.dejardoshop.com website (“Member”)

2. Subject of the Agreement
The subject of this Agreement is to determine the terms under which the member benefits from the internet site owned by Dejardoshop, www.dejardoshop.com.

3. Rights and Obligations of the Parties
3.1. The member declares and undertakes that the personal and other information provided while becoming a member of www.dejardoshop.com is correct before the law and that they will immediately compensate Dejardoshop for all damages incurred due to any inaccuracy of this information.

3.2. The member cannot give the password provided by Dejardoshop to any other person or organization; the right to use the said password belongs to the member themselves. Therefore, Dejardoshop reserves the right to all compensation and other claims against any allegations and demands that may be put forward by third parties or authorized authorities due to such unauthorized use.

3.3. The member accepts and undertakes to comply with the legal regulations while using the www.dejardoshop.com website and not to violate them. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities arising will bind the member exclusively.

3.4. The member cannot use the www.dejardoshop.com website in any way that disturbs public order, contradicts general morals, harasses or disturbs others, for an illegal purpose, or infringes the intellectual and copyright rights of others. Furthermore, the member cannot engage in activities or transactions (spam, viruses, Trojan horses, etc.) that prevent or complicate others from using the services.

3.5. Ideas and thoughts declared, written, or used by the members on the www.dejardoshop.com website are entirely the personal opinions of the members and bind the opinion holder. These opinions and thoughts have no relation or connection with Dejardoshop. Dejardoshop has no responsibility for any damages that third parties may incur due to the opinions and thoughts declared by the member, nor for any damages that the member may incur due to the opinions and thoughts declared by third parties.

3.6. Dejardoshop will not be responsible for unauthorized reading of member data or any damage to member software and data. The member has already accepted not to demand compensation from Dejardoshop for any damage they may suffer due to the use of the www.dejardoshop.com website.

3.7. The member accepts not to access or use the software and data of other internet users without permission. Otherwise, all legal and criminal responsibilities arising from this will belong entirely to the member.

3.8. A member who violates one or more of the articles listed in this membership agreement will be personally liable for the violation, both criminally and legally, and will indemnify Dejardoshop from the legal and criminal consequences of these violations. In addition, in case the incident is brought to the legal arena due to such violation, Dejardoshop reserves the right to claim compensation against the member for non-compliance with the membership agreement.

3.9. Dejardoshop has the right to unilaterally delete the membership of the member when necessary, and to delete the files, documents, and information belonging to the customer. The member accepts this disposition in advance. In this case, Dejardoshop has no responsibility.

3.10. The software and design of the www.dejardoshop.com website are the property of Dejardoshop, and the copyright and/or other intellectual property rights related to them are protected by the relevant laws, and they cannot be used, acquired, or changed without the permission of the member. The names of other companies and their products mentioned on this website are the trademarks of their owners and are also protected under intellectual property rights.

3.11. Dejardoshop may collect certain information such as the name of the Internet service provider and Internet Protocol (IP) address used to access the site, the date and time of access to the site, the pages accessed while on the site, and the Internet address of the website that directly linked to the site as part of the improvement and development of the www.dejardoshop.com website and/or within the framework of legal regulations.

3.12. Dejardoshop may use members’ personal information for studies aimed at better serving its users, improving its products and services, and facilitating the use of the site, oriented towards the special preferences and interests of its users. Dejardoshop reserves the right to keep a record of the member’s actions on the www.dejardoshop.com website.

3.13. A person who becomes a member of Dejardoshop declares and accepts that they give permission for product and service promotions, advertisements, campaigns, advantages, surveys, and other customer satisfaction practices within the scope of current and/or to be implemented applications to be presented to them. They declare and accept permission for contact via the Internet, phone, SMS, and other communication channels. The member declares and accepts that they will not claim any direct and/or indirect material and/or moral negative and/or positive damages due to the collection, sharing, use, archiving of the above-mentioned information, and access to them, and will not hold Dejardoshop responsible. If the member wishes to change their data sharing preferences, they can convey this request to Dejardoshop’s customer service call center.

3.14. Dejardoshop may disclose the member’s personal information when legally required or to act in accordance with legal requirements or to comply with legal processes served on Dejardoshop; to protect and defend the rights and property of Dejardoshop and the Dejardoshop website family when it believes in good faith that it is necessary.

3.15. Dejardoshop has taken measures within existing possibilities to ensure that the website is free from viruses and similar software. However, to ensure final security, the user must supply their virus protection system and ensure the necessary protection. In this context, the member is deemed to have accepted that they are responsible for all errors and their direct or indirect consequences that may occur in their software and operating systems upon entering the Dejardoshop website.

3.16. Dejardoshop reserves the right to change the content of the site at any time, to change or terminate any service provided to users, or to delete the information and data of registered users on the Dejardoshop website.

3.17. Dejardoshop may at any time change, update, or cancel the conditions of the membership agreement without any prior notice and/or warning. Each provision that is changed, updated, or repealed will be effective for all members from the date of publication.

3.18. The parties accept and declare that all computer records of Dejardoshop shall be considered the sole and exclusive evidence and that these records constitute a contractual evidence agreement according to Article 287 of the HUMK.

3.19. Dejardoshop has the authority to send informational emails to the electronic mail addresses and informational SMS to the mobile phones of its members according to this membership agreement; however, by approving this membership agreement, the member is considered to have accepted the sending of informational emails to the electronic mail address and informational SMS to the mobile phone. If the member wishes to stop receiving mail and/or SMS, they can perform the mail and/or SMS sending cancellation process in the “My Information Preferences” section of the “My Account” area.

4. Termination of the Agreement
This agreement will remain in force until the member cancels their membership or Dejardoshop cancels the member’s membership. If the member violates any provision of the membership agreement, Dejardoshop may cancel the member’s membership and unilaterally terminate the agreement.

5. Resolution of Disputes
The Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices will have jurisdiction over disputes arising from this agreement.

6. Effectiveness
The act of the member making a membership registration implies that they have read all the articles in the membership agreement and have accepted the articles contained in the membership agreement. This Agreement is executed at the moment the member registers and becomes effective mutually.